Top 5 Law Blogs You Should Follow

Let's fact it, the law has a tremendous impact on how you run your business and while you can count on us to stay informed, it is important that you also have your own eye on the ever-changing legal climate.  There are many law blogs out there and very little time to read them, so we took it upon ourselves to curate a top 5 list of blogs worthy of your attention.

1) Wall Street Journal Law Blog 

The Wall Street Journal is known for its heavy hitting headlines and ability to break trending news so it is natural that it's law blog would make our list.  The WSJ Law Blog compiles case law, updates and trends into an easily digestible format that will leave you feeling up to date on the current legal climate. 

2)  SCOTUS Blog

"SCOTUS" is an acronym for Supreme Court of the United States so it stands to reason that the SCOTUS Blog would address all you need to know about the U.S. Supreme Court's docket. This blog highlights key decisions and analyzes the reverberations those decisions have on future cases and the way our country interacts as a whole. 

3)    Election Law Blog 

Author, Rick Hasen is a Professor of Law and Political Science at U.C. Irvine School who has taken his knowledge and passion for election law to the web.  He examines legislation, voting rights, the Supreme Court nomination process and everything else you need to know to stay informed this election season.  

4) Above The Law    

Above The Law is a cult favorite of first-year law students and seasoned legal professionals alike.  The blog takes on law firm culture and industry updates to give readers an insider look into the inner workings of the legal field.

5) Lawyerist

This blog is similar to Above The Law in that it is written from a legal insider's perspective. Lawyerist gets down to the details of running a practice, offers advice and profiles successful business models.  This blog is worth a read if you want to know what the legal industry is buzzing about. 



Santa Monica Landlord Learns There is No Silver Bullet to Oust Rent Controlled Tenants

Landlord, WIB Holdings, LLC found out first-hand on February 4th that there is no easy way to evict a rent-controlled tenant.  WIB sought to evict their low-income tenant, Paul Aron from his abode for which he was paying well below market value (about $1000 less to be exact).  The theory of the case was that Aron violated his rental agreement by making unsanctioned upgrades to his unit.  A Santa Monica jury ruled unanimously that Paul Aron, was entitled to remain in his home and to top it off, the City of Santa Monica is suing the landlord for harassment of its tenants.  

The various rent stabilization ordinances that dot Los Angeles County cities provide a safe haven for renters and a potential nightmare for landlords.  One of the most common questions we receive from our clients is how to increase their property values by removing low-paying tenants and replacing them with tenants willing to pay the current market value.  Our most common answer?  There is no silver bullet.

It is imperative that when you purchase a property, you consider the weight that rent control can play in diminishing your property's value.  Low rental income can decimate a cap rate making an income purchase a money drain.   If one does choose to take the risk, it is almost certain that he or she will end up paying dividends in either relocation fees or attorney's fees.

If you own a property under rent control and are looking at possibilities for eviction, be sure to contact The Rad Firm, APC at (310) 461-3766.  Our attorneys will help you carefully weigh your options to decide on the move that will work best to maintain the value of your investment.

For more information on the case that inspired this article, click here.