Apple Customer Letter

Should Apple Inc. Deny the FBI access to hack iPhone Devices?

In the last 48 hours, social media has been riddled with support and opposition to the "Message to Our Customers" published by Apple Inc. In short, the United States government has requested that Apple grant them access to bypass any iPhone passwords. This would grant the FBI the ability to access and unlock all iPhone devices. Creating such a technique would compromise iPhone and smartphone users privacy.

Supporters of the hack are arguing that it could be an efficient way for the FBI to prevent terrorism and stop it in its tracks, using the recent San Bernadino shooting as an example. They believe the FBI should intervene and that prevention overrules the protection of privacy for iPhone users. Furthermore they claim that the hacking technique has already been created and that it is pointless to deny the FBI access any longer.

However, those who oppose the hack and support Apple's final decision not to grant the FBI such a device, stand behind protecting privacy. If the power to unlock any iPhone device were to end up in the wrong hands the consequences could be disastrous. As Apple has stated, there is no guarantee that it will remain in the right hands and cannot be limited or controlled in any aspect.

It is safe to say that with many recent cases coming to light to the American public, people are fearful of future attacks but also the threat the government has implied on their privacy. It is unclear how much power is already accessible to the government regarding our personal privacy. The final outcome for now at least is that Apple stands behind it's customers and furthermore has gained even more trust from the American people for upholding its morals by denying the government access to such a controversial technique.